Building Company culture so good people won't want to quit.



April Whitson is a recognized expert on Culture at Work. She is a high-energy speaker, leadership coach, and thought leader who has helped companies save over $5M in avoidable turnover costs!  April has developed cutting-edge programs to create a culture employees won't want to quit! Leaders of all levels will be able to implement April's program into their already busy day without adding any additional hours to the week! Her approach to culture and employee experience is direct and simple, putting leaders in the driver's seat while helping them along the journey. Bringing real-world examples and proven solutions to her audiences, April is changing the workplace for the better one leader at a time!

"April's tool for improving employee retention and creating a culture too good to quit is something EVERY leader needs!!"  ~Gab Bosche, CEO and author


April is brought in to speak at major conferences, executive retreats, and exclusive leadership events.

The Great Stay:
The 4 Secrets to Creating a Workplace Culture Too Good to Quit

In this keynote, April breaks down the four key elements that create an irresistible workplace culture.  She shares practical insights and actionable tips from real-world case studies.  April will help you build a culture that creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your employee's work.  She will share strategies for building a culture of appreciation, recognition, trust, and empowerment in a very simple way that does not involve adding hours to your workweek.

Unleashing Employee Potential:
How Leaders Can Impact the Employee Experience and Improve the Bottom Line

This keynote will help you understand the impact of workplace culture on employee performance, productivity, and innovation.  April will help you learn how to optimize it for maximum impact on the employee experience and the bottom line.  She will share the latest research and best practices.  Her roadmap for transforming the workplace culture into a competitive advantage is sure to inspire employees at all levels and deliver a higher profitability for the company.

Focus and Motivation

If you are ready to experience next-level motivation, this book will help you spend the right time on the right opportunities.

Systems to Scale

If you need checklists, systems, and you-proof guides, this book will jumpstart your success.

Ready to Keep Your Employees Longer?